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Jibon Britto
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Jibon Britto is Empty Spaces' maiden Bengali album, and is a concept album revolving around the everlasting loop that all human beings are subjected to during their lifetime. The loop of ambition, achievement, deprivation, self-realization and finally enrichment, is the consistent cycle that all human beings go through endlessly in all walks and stages of life. With Jibon Britto, or "The Cycle of Life", Empty Spaces puts to form this everlasting loop through their post-modern lyrical themes and wholesome musical ensembles.

There are a total of ten tracks in this album and are intended to be played sequentially, and in order, to visualize an iteration of a protagonist's journey through this iteration.

To build the concept further and to help the listener visualize the concept of this iteration we have conceptualized and narrated a story of a journey through this loop in "The Songs" section of Jibon Britto.

Having said that, we would consider ourselves myopic if we said that our songs would fit only one story, at one point of time, and for only one individual. We believe that due to the strong lyrical exponent of our songs, and the depth of the musical credibility they would fit and be applicable in different situations, across varying timelines, and for very different individuals. And you would also probably agree that at this very moment of time you are in a specific "iteration state" in your life and would be able to associate yourself with one of our songs from Jibon Britto, only to change to another as you proceed in this iteration and identify yourself with another. And then another, and then the next, only to come back to the beginning.......

Nevertheless, we still hope you enjoy our side of the story of Jibon Britto

You can leave your feedback of the album's concept in our Guestbook or you can mail us directly at

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