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Jibon Britto
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Jibon Britto is Empty Spaces' maiden Bengali album and is a concept album revolving around the everlasting loop of life. Released in 2009, the album is a first of its kind for being the first Indian album to be released under a Creative Commons license, and the first Bengali concept album.
Download all 10 tracks from here!

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# Downloads
01. Achena Chobi (Watch Video) 4:00 1569 3.66 MB Download
02. Dhnowa 2:47 992 2.55 MB Download
03. Rajpoth 5:40 721 5.19 MB Download
04. Asusthota (Watch Video) 4:46 590 4.36 MB Download
05. Nirbikaar 5:24 591 4.95 MB Download
06. Torpedo 5:01 525 4.59 MB Download
07. Songshodhon 5:14 748 4.80 MB Download
08. Sandhan 3:58 707 3.64 MB Download
09. Ashash (Watch Video) 3:47 709 3.47 MB Download
10. Fragrance 5:17 569 4.84 MB Download

Click here to read about the Concept of Jibon Britto

Click here to read about the Story of Jibon Britto

Click here to download the Jibon Britto Teaser
(audio only)

"This was an interesting one for me as it's not often we get to master a concept album. Actually, in Australia I never get a detailed description of what each song is about. It is fascinating the way the album takes one through different styles and on a journey through the protagonist's life. The band seems perfectly comfortable with all the different styles and I enjoyed working on the album greatly."

Martin Pullan Martin Pullan
Edensound Mastering

"Music is not the primary profession of the members of Empty Spaces, and all band members have well-established professional careers in unrelated fields. Perhaps that is why they can let their imagination and creativity run free, resulting in such a wonderful debut album as Jibon Britto"

(Read the full review of Jibon Britto by WBRi from here)

Supratim Sanyal Supratim Sanyal
Chief Editor, Washington Bangla Radio
Washington DC, USA

"It was so refreshing to work on and work with a project like Jibon Britto as there is so much of relevance to it in our own lives. I think musically and as a concept Jibon Britto is very original and interesting. We have simply enjoyed working on the tracks to produce something that is raw and electroacoustic. Sandhan and Rajpoth are my favorite tracks. Hope it's taken well and enjoyed for what it is. Rock now, and Rock the Night!"

Jojo - Dipankar Chaki Jojo (Dipankar Chaki)
Dream Digital Inc.

"The concept of Jibon Britto is novel from the mental health perspective - the overpowering need for materialistic gain is spoiling not only our social milieu, but destroying the individuality of every human being. The measuring tool should therefore not be money, status, prestige and fame but rather one's behaviour, thinking pattern and the purpose that he/she aims to serve not only for oneself but for the world at large; and this is the message that Empty Spaces puts forward through their remarkably 'real' album - Jibon Britto."

Sayantani Chatterjee Dr. Sayantani Chatterjee, Ph D.

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