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Empty Spaces :: Official Band Site

Empty Spaces :: Official Band Site ::
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Empty Spaces' maiden album Jibon Britto completes one year

Empty Spaces - Jibon Britto

05-Sep-10: On 5th September 2009 Empty Spaces launched its maiden album Jibon Britto completely online and free for download on its site

At that time we were not sure whether we took a right decision, or whether our music would reach out to people or not. After all, no record label and no CD's in music stores is a major paradigm shift for any band, let alone Empty Spaces.

But now, after a full year and a total of 4125 downloads later, we now conclude that Jibon Britto couldn't have been released in any other way. This was how Jibon Britto was meant to be and this is how it will remain - online and free.

And we credit the entire success of Jibon Britto to You, our listener. You have not only broken out of the archaic norms of music release, you have experienced music ethically, for free via a relatively new medium - the Internet. Thank you for listening to our music in our way.

Your comments, criticism and kudos are our motivations for the future, and our strength to attempt something new every time. Thanks.

So what's next?

After the retrospective Jibon Britto, Empty Spaces is now working on releasing a new album from selected poems of Sukumar Ray's Abol Tabol. A homecoming of sorts - after exploring a variety of western genres and electro-accoustic sounds in Jibon Britto, Empty Spaces' Abol Tabol will be a fun-filled album featuring sounds from the roots of rural Bengal to bring you back that magical essesence of being a Bengali, the essence that is omnipresent in the hearts of all Bengalis right from Baruipur to Boston.

To not reveal any further at this present moment, but still to give you a sneak peek to Empty Spaces' Abol Tabol, check out our special 'The Homecoming' promo of Abol Tabol:


Empty Spaces Abol Tabol - Coming Soon
(Sketches courtesy Mahafuj Ali)

Once again a big 'Thank You' for making Jibon Britto a success, and we hope you will like Empty Spaces' upcoming album Abol Tabol as well.

You can leave us your feedback by signing our Guestbook, or dropping us a mail at

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