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Empty Spaces :: Official Band Site :: Sougata

On stage Sougata Basu plays the keyboards for Empty Spaces, but off it, he is known more for his musical and compositional prowess than anything else. When we talk about the Empty Spaces Experience, or the Empty Spaces Sound, Sougata's creative insight and detailed articulation is probably the largest contributor in making this Experience and the Sound a unique blend of musical mastery and indepth detail.

When it comes to original compositions and musical expertise Sougata is a born musician, and we consider him as a virtuoso far above and beyond any of the other contributors of Empty Spaces.

Born on the 19th of November, Sougata is a Scorpio and by profession is a software engineer at a major IT corporation. He is an alumnus of South Point High School, and Jadavpur University. Sougata holds a B.Tech in Information Technology.

Sougata considers his musical influences to include Mozart, Beethoven, Dream Theater, The Eagles, Salil Choudhury and Sudhin Dasupta. Apart from music Sougata is a big fan of Satyajit Ray's films, and also loves to get back to his passion for volleyball.

Sougata's initial music training came from Sri Rajeshwar Bhattacharyya, and under his tutelage, Sougata had his first stage appearance, and was part of a released recording at the age of 12. Later he took up piano lessons from Raja Narayan Deb.

Presently, Sougata's working gear includes a KORG N364, and Reason Soft-Synth.

Catch up with Sougata on Facebook, and on Orkut. You can also mail Sougata at OR sign our Guestbook to catch up with him.

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